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A research professor in biomechanics and computational tissue engineering at the University of Liège and KU Leuven, Liesbet Geris focusses on the multiscale and multiphysics modeling of biological processes.

Liesbet Geris

KU Leuven - U. Liège

Herestraat 49 (813)
3000 Leuven

Together with her team, she uses these models to gain a deeper understanding of the biology and develop living implants for bone and cartilage. Geris is the scientific coordinator of the Prometheus platform for Skeletal Tissue Engineering. She has edited several books and has received two prestigious ERC grants and several young investigator research awards.

Formerly, she was member and chair of the Young Academy of Belgium. She is an active member of the strategic alliance committee of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine SocietyAs the current executive director of the Virtual Physiological Human Instituteshe advocates for the use of in-silico modeling in healthcare. Besides her research work, she publicly lectures on the challenges of interdisciplinary research, women in academia and digital healthcare.

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Defining Flanders’ life sciences industry as diverse is an understatement. From young start-ups to established local firms and multinationals: the entire value chain – from research and discovery to development and commercialization – is represented in Belgium’s northern region. Thanks to fertile cross-pollination between biotech, medtech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Flanders offers a unique life sciences ecosystem that is underpinned by a robust financing landscape and a supportive government. Will your company claim its place in this dynamic hub?