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Hilde Windels graduated in commercial engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (KU Leuven). She started her career in 1988 in the banking sector, where she was appointed a senior executive at the age of 30.

Hilde Windels

Antelope Dx

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From banking to biotech

In 1998, Windels made the switch to the biotech sector, becoming the CFO of Devgen, a Belgium-based multinational agricultural biotech company specialized in crop protection. 10 years later, she moved on as the CEO of Devgen's spin-off pharma arm, BioDev. Windels served as an independent CFO for other biotech companies, including Pronota and TiGenix, when she joined Biocartis in 2011, a company established by Rudi Pauwels that specializes in molecular diagnostics. There, she started as CFO and transitioned into the role of co-CEO in 2015 and CEO ad interim in 2017.

Woman of many trades

Today, Windels has almost 20 years of experience in multiple domains, such as private fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, business and corporate strategy and public capital markets. Her impressive track record includes positions on the boards of Devgen, Biocartis, Ablynx, Erytech, MyCartis, MDx Health, Celyad, the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), flanders.bio and Scale Health.  

Where she is today

Currently, Windels is the CEO of new UGent and MyCartis spin-off Antelope Dx, which develops an innovative, easy-to-use home testing device that offers fast and accurate results. The first test to be marketed is a COVID-19/flu test.

Antelope Dx aims to provide high-quality health testing to every individual, anytime, anywhere.

As a dedicated health care innovator, Antelope DX believes that people should have immediate access to information about their own health. As a result, the company’s products generate actionable insights based on reliable analysis of self-collected samples.

In offering these solutions, Antelope Dx translates the complexity and performance of lab testing into an easy-to-use and affordable option that can be performed at home. 

Team Vesalius visionairies

Flanders’ life sciences industry: the perfect combo of biotech, medtech, pharma and healthcare

Defining Flanders’ life sciences industry as diverse is an understatement. From young start-ups to established local firms and multinationals: the entire value chain – from research and discovery to development and commercialization – is represented in Belgium’s northern region. Thanks to fertile cross-pollination between biotech, medtech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Flanders offers a unique life sciences ecosystem that is underpinned by a robust financing landscape and a supportive government. Will your company claim its place in this dynamic hub?